Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council condemns the wave of violence in the country.


Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council strongly condemn the killing of hundreds of innocent people in bomb blast, suicide attacks and target killings in the different parts of the country. In the recent days the sectarian attacks also increased against shias. The other mostly targeted were the polio eradication workers and the security forces. In Karachi the media workers were also killed by the Taliban. It is not the first time that such sectarian violence have disturbed the country’s security, political and social conditions.  This is the continuation of the deadly actions against the minorities, liberal and secular citizens of the country.  

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council is concerned about the irresponsive and irresponsible attitude of the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa provincial and Federal governments. Taliban have been continuously giving threats and frequently attacking the citizens and forces but still both the governments have repeatedly showed their desire for talks instead of taking action against them.  

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council show its full solidarity with these survivors of violence and demands immediate actions from the government to restore the law and order and protect the lives of the citizens.  The survivors should be given Pak Rs. 1 million compensation amount and ensure the safety and protection of their lives and property in future. These minorities must be given honor, dignity and the rights to choose the source of livelihoods. 

Secretary General

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council- PPSC