Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council expresses its grief on the murders in Karachi this week

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council strongly condemn the killing Sufi singer (Qawal) Amjad Sabri and an Ahmadi doctor Abul Hasan Isfahani yesterday in Karachi (Sindh). Peace Pakistan shows its full solidarity with the family of Sabri and Dr. Isfahani in this cold blooded murder. Peace Pakistan demands to government to protect the lives of the people all over the country, where these people are already suffering from such terrorist acts since last one decade.    In the recent months target killing on sectarian basis has increased. The Shiati Muslims sect is permanently victimized since long. Government, security agencies and justice system has failed to protect the innocent citizens of this country. In the recent past the Hindu minorities, Christians and Ahmadi sect of Muslims are also targeted. They are unable to pray freely in their worship places, their women are kidnapped and forcibly married. They are also easily harassed through the blasphemy laws. Some of the groups are working to convert these minority citizens to Islam by using different ways and means.     Peace Pakistan demands to government to take serious actions for the protection and safety of its citizens. There must be an independent inquiry of these incidents and the culprits must be brought into justice. Peace Pakistan is also very much concerned about the wellbeing of the injured, disabled and the orphan families of the deceased. Government authorities should immediately collect the data of such people and families and start wellbeing initiatives for their livelihood.
I.Pasha Secretary General  Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council