Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council Condemns the burning of the 180 houses of Christian Minority community in Lahore Pakistan.

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council strongly condemns the burning of the more than 180 houses of the Christian minority in Joseph Colony in Lahore, the provincial capital of the Pakistan’s largest Punjab Province. This is the continuation of the deadly actions against the minorities, liberal and secular citizens of the country on the name of blasphemy. In the recent times the attacks against the Hazara Shiati, Christians, Hindus, Ahmadis and other peaceful liberal and secular citizens are increasing day by day. The state is unable to protect the citizens in all parts of the country. The compromising attitude of the state and its agencies are encouraging the extremists to act against the minorities.

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council show its full solidarity with these survivors of violence and demands the unbiased probe into the matter. The culprits must be given exemplary punishment, the security agencies and their officials, who are unable to protect the lives and properties of the citizens be identified and punished. The survivors should be given Pak Rs. 1 million compensation amount and ensure the safety and protection of their lives and property in future. Government should immediacy reconstruct these burnt houses. These minorities must be given honor, dignity and the rights to choose the source of livelihoods.

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council demands the immediate repeal of the blasphemous laws in the country. The removal of the objective resolution from the constitution of Pakistan and removing the hatred material from the course books and education system of the country. It is time for all the liberal and secular forces of the country to unite and struggle for the protection of the rights of the all citizens of the country. In the upcoming general elections the secular, moderate and liberal forces must unite to counter the menace of extremism in the country.


Ibrash Pasha

Secretary General

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council- PPSC