NATO: Imperialism’s key military tool


NATO: Imperialism’s key military tool
NATO summit, Wales, 4-6 September 2014

On August 30, 2014 the World Peace Council calls on the peace loving people in the world to mobilize
for a Global Day of Protest against NATO

2014: Centenary of the First World War -75 years from the beginning of World War II

The year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War. It was one of
the deadliest imperialist conflicts in human history, a tragedy that killed 17 million people.
It was described as “the war to end all wars,” but today, a century later, the military potential to
destroy lives and a liveable environment is at a terrifying level and continues to rise.

Everyday, all over the world, people suffer from armed conflicts, military build-up, occupation, acts
of intimidation and aggression, modernization and proliferation of nuclear weapons and other
weapons of mass destruction. The capitalist economic crisis is further aggravating peoples’ life while
profits of the war industries are growing. The ground for military aggressions and imperialist wars was
never determined by accidental events or personal decisions.

The centenary of World War One should be a moment for reflection, for strengthening peace
and for encouraging international friendship and solidarity on the basis of equality and respect
for the sovereignty of the peoples.. It must be directed toward ending economic domination
of the monopolies and multinational corporations as well as towards aggressive military
alliances. Therefore, we should act against NATO, the number 1 war machine in the world.

The World Peace Council, founded shortly after the end of the World War II under the slogan “No
more War-No more Fascism” underlines the need to draw conclusions from the period which led to
the Nazi invasion to Poland on 1 st September 1939 and the beginning of the second World War. The
growing imperialist ambitions of Nazi Germany then met with the imperialist agenda of other
forces, who did not oppose the German expansion to the East in the beginning. The glorious
resistance of peoples against Fascism and Nazism in combination with the struggle and the tens of
millions of victims of the USSR, led to the liberation of Europe from fascism and the victory of the
peoples. The post war international situation, the foundation of the UN and its charter created a
new situation for the peoples and their strive for freedom and sovereignty. All this is being
fiercely challenged and overthrown today, efforts to substitute often the UN by NATO are at place, neo-fascist forces are on the grow in many parts of Europe serving reactionary ideologies and plans
against the peoples. The WPC opposes the growing militarization of international relations, the
imperialist plans for the “Great Middle East”, the “Pivot of USA to Asia”, and the interference in the
sovereign affairs of peoples and nations in Latin America.

NATO: Imperialism’s key military tool- 65 years of crimes against humanity

NATO is the largest, strongest and most aggressive military alliance in the world today. Firmly
dominated by US-imperialism, NATO is also a pillar of the European Union’s defense strategy. NATO
currently has 28 member states across North America and Europe. Another 22 countries are
engaged in the so-called Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC). Next to this another 19 countries
are engaged with NATO through programs such as the “Mediterranean Dialogue”, the “Istanbul
Cooperation Initiative” or the “Partnership for Peace” across the globe.
Since 1991, NATO’s has aggressively expanded its membership and theatre of operations. This fact
alone reveals its fundamental purpose: to be a key tool of Western imperialist domination of the

NATO is an enemy of peace. NATO is committed to the doctrines of first strike and pre-emptive
strikes. As an offensive military alliance it stands ready to intervene before diplomacy has been
given a proper chance, if such is in the interest of Western imperialism. NATO’s expansion and
provocations – as the current crisis in Ukraine demonstrates – are directly responsible for
destabilization, unrest, violence and war.

NATO is an enemy of the peoples. When it intervenes, its members regularly use toxic weapons
containing depleted uranium or white phosphor. Moreover, NATO considers nuclear weapons to be
a fundamental part of its defense strategy. The alliance aggressively pursues and promotes military
provocation and intervention all around the globe, and the results are always increased destruction,
displacement, and death. The examples of the wars in the former Yugoslavia and the creation of the
protectorate of Kosovo, in Afghanistan and Libya, as well as the aggression against Syria, all bear
witness to the disastrous humanitarian impact of NATO’s intervention. In Iraq, where NATO took on
part of the reconstruction effort, it brought neither peace nor democracy.

NATO is an enemy of peace and of the peoples. Without any public debate, NATO’s European
member states are hosting U.S. nuclear weapons on their territory. In 2010 a secret agreement on
the deployment of modernized versions of B61 warheads extended this presence by several
decades, not leaving any space for democratic debate on the matter. Through its Article 5 as well,
the NATO alliance imposes obligations on member states that are incompatible with the sovereign
right of states to decide on peace and war.

The coming summit of NATO in Wales will adopt and further develop the Lisbon summit
decisions (2010), will use old and new pretexts for its role as “world sheriff” securing markets,
energy resources and spheres of influence, to the detriment of the peoples rights and needs.

The dissolution of NATO must be a priority for those defending peace, social justice and progress,
along with the right of every people to struggle for the disengagement from it.

We call upon all peace loving people and organizations to mark the August 30, as a Global Day of
Protest Against NATO, demanding its dissolution!
WPC May 2014