Message to our dear IPYG friends, colleagues, peace lovers of the South Korea and the globe.


Greetings of Peace!

It’s indeed a great opportunity for us to express our pleasure over the successful walk held last year. It’s a matter of great honor for us to congratulate you all on the success and highlighting the issues of peace and youth and adopting the declaration of World Peace. Since last couple of months we have been affiliated with the International Peace Youth Group-IPYG, and interacting, we noticed your sincere struggle for promoting peace and resolving youth issues in South Korea and globally. Your tireless efforts are worthy and hope these will continue with the increased spirit and zeal.

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council- PPSC the fraternal organization affiliated with IPYG has learnt from your struggle and has help us developing ideas for the progression of join goals for peace, prosperity and development. The IPYG success has attracted many individuals and organizations to join hands and voiced against war, hatred and destruction and joined hands for peace.

War is destruction, fear and disaster. Peace is love, progress and development. Wars have taken lives of the millions of innocent people. We have seen no or very little investments on peace, still the world spend billions on wars. Millions of people suffer from hunger, curable and preventable disease. Millions of people still have a dream to have a glass of clean drinking water. In this twenty first century millions of children have no access to education. With the every passing day world is inventing wars and killers machines. It’s enough, now our world needs peace, justice, harmony, tolerance and love. Let’s make the world a peaceful place for every human being and other creatures. This all is possible by joining hands and expanding our circles of peace and love.

Long live Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council!!

Long Live the International Peace Youth Group!!

Long Live Our Friendship!

Long Live Our Struggle!

Long Live Peace!


In Solidarity


Ibrash Pasha

Secretary General

Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council